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The development of an IoT system to monitor the environment

Our project involves using 'Internet of Things' technology to implement an environmental monitoring module in an underground mine in order to detect and record temperature, gas concentration and humidity. Within this module design, key aspects for implementation include:

  • Hardware of the edge device with modular sensors that can be attached or detached for others with ease.
  • Firmware of the MCU so that the edge device can perform correctly.
  • The instance and any front-end program so that the user is notified when the edge device detects an emergency and is able to display it at an application level.

Project Background

A Mine IoT System

The mining landscape is changing. Whilst a conventional view of the sector has served companies in the past, it is less likely to succeed in the future. The clever implementation of digital technologies like the ‘Internet of Things’ (IoT) and automation could transform mining; making it safer, more cost effective, productive, efficient, sustainable, and profitable. With this new adaptability and efficiency, the mining industry will be better equipped to solve the challenges of the future.


Implementing an Arduino Mega and Gateway system

Our project hardware consists of the front line objects or 'things' that will be automated using an Arduino system and then connected to the internet via the gateway. The environmental monitoring module will consist of an Arduino Mega system that can connect and disconnect to sensors with ease (plug/ wireless). It should be able to control the frequency of sensing from each sensor, store this data and then send it to the gateway via a local server.


Finding an Alternative to TTN using ChirpStack or ThingStack

LoRaWAN has its own main server for transmitting data from the gateway to its reciever, TTN (The Things Network). However this network is global and does not offer the privacy our module requires. Hence, we will be creating a new server from ChirpStack or the ThingStack that is able to transfer the data from the gateway to our application layer server GeoSense+.

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